About Gregory T. Donovan, Ph.D.

GTDGregory T. Donovan is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University whose research focuses on the mutual shaping of people, place, and media. He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Psychology with a certification in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy from the CUNY Graduate Center, is a founder of the OpenCUNY Academic Medium, a researcher at the Public Science Project, and co-editor (with Suzanne Tamang) of Issue 5 of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy: Media and Methods for Opening Education.

Gregory’s current research looks at young people’s everyday participation and development within proprietary media ecologies. His work is guided by an ontological and epistemological stance that assumes space, media, and knowledge are more just and meaningful when collaboratively produced and governed. In May 2013 Gregory spoke on behalf of his fellow graduates at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Forty-Ninth Doctoral Commencement and argued for the importance of critical inquiry and public scholarship in building more just information societies.




The MyDigitalFootprint.ORG Project conducted participatory action design research (PADR) with NYC youth to understand & engage their everyday experiences growing up with proprietary media. The methods & media developed during this project serve as the empirical core of MyDigitalFootprint.ORG: Young People and the Proprietary Ecology of Everyday Data.

ROLE: Principal Investigator

OpenCUNY Academic Medium

OpenCUNY is a student-based, open source, and participatory academic medium at the CUNY Graduate Center. OpenCUNY has facilitated interactive environments for student organizations, courses and workshops, student-run conferences, graduate research, health initiatives, student activism, personal websites, and an array of Doctoral Students’ Council initiatives.

ROLE: Founder, Former Coordinator (2008-2013)

OpenCUNY Academic Medium
Situated Informatics

Situated Informatics works with academics, artists, and activists to design open information environments and social media strategies that accommodate their situated interests and concerns.

ROLE: Founder

Situated Informatics
Brooklyn's Public Scholars

Brooklyn's Public Scholars is a partnership between the CUNY Graduate Center's Public Science Project and Kingsborough Community College. Through social media, collaborative online mapping tools, interactive learning modules, and participatory action research the BPS Platform supports community-based teaching and engaged scholarship around critical urban issues facing students and communities in Brooklyn.

ROLE: Director of Digital Media